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  • Product Type: BOUNTY MINIATURE
  • Brand: MINIATURE
  • Net Weight: 220GM
  • Product origin:
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Why this chocolate? Bounty Coconut Miniatures Chocolate Gift Pack is all you need to make your celebrations bright, exciting, and full of sweetness. This nuttylicious delight is a perfect gift for your chocolate lover family. What makes it unique? Delight your family with the heavenly taste of Bounty chocolate bar, moist, tender coconut covered in a thick milk chocolate coating creating a flavor that’s enough to rock their taste buds.  How to have it? Bring out your inner chef and turn this Rakhi Bounty chocolate bar into a delicious Bounty cake, impeccable bounty chocolate chip cookies or easy to bake coconut slice with chocolate and Bounty. There is so much that you can do with this chocolate, the choice is yours Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.